Day 1 Cutting old ties

I always heard its not good to burn bridges but I have to disagree now certain paths I will not let myself go back down. At the end of the day when your carried by six only one person goes in the grave and I started thinking that if I do leave a mark on this earth that it will be created the way I want it to be. You cant tell a artist what to create jus have to be patient and see what the final results are so that’s exactly how I’m trying to live from this day forth. Me on my mind family in my heart (just cause we blood don’t mean we family and just cause we say bruh or cuz don’t mean we family either) God watching over me and my circle is done. Now I have a lot of built up frustration no not sexual just a lot of stress on my chest that I have to get out of me so instead of going thru all the extra commotion I’m just gonna set the bridges between us go up in flames. I’m starting to do tai chi as a way to calm myself and be more in tune with the world around me. No significant other as of yet yu know all the females I know not real correction all but three. I’m not even sure if I won’t one yet because some how they always become a headache but I can’t go in being basis but who knows what will happen ;). I’m going to try and write a blog everyday so at least I can get somethings off my chest and at least speak on what I want to speak on plus see 2 projects I wanna do unfold with me.

you don’t have to pay attention when yu have free will – SoFkknAmazing



What are your thoughts ?

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