Day 2 Finding Me

Two days back to back even tho the time difference isn’t more then 24 hours I could careless because as Drake said ‘fuck yu and your time difference’ my boy came in from going out and woke me up so I thought I would take my time and just write something at like 5 in the morning. I would never consider writing to be my passion nor my strong suit but it does feel great expressing myself thru words that enable some to get a whole new picture of you and how they see you. I’m not sure how many will see this if any do at all I just hope everyone who does get a good understanding of who I am. Right now I don’t fully understand myself at times I get every enraged at times I’m learning not to let others stupidity effect the way I carry myself. I started really started writing my book again I don’t have a full plot actually I really don’t know what I’m doing I’m just writing to feel my void and at least do something that I can hopefully publish so I can say that was also another mark i left in this world. Comments are welcomed if yu don’t want to leave it on here or don’t know how (your in the same boat as me) just hmu (hit me up) other then here I think I’ve had almost every social network possible I probably don’t go on or care for it much but I was there I signed up :). I have never done anything like this before just leaving my thoughts somewhere to be on display for anyone to see I wrote a few poems on MySpace before but does that even count. Today is all about me (actually everyday is about me I know the world doesn’t revolve around me but I think it should) I struggle I laugh I hate I love I care I forget I fail I succeed I live I learn I appreciate I can’t help but be who I am. And right now I am on a journey to find out who I am I currently am doing Tai Chi it does calm me I’m going to make time to meditate. I am an anime junkie I read comics so just interact with me I hate nonsense like literally dislike anything that doesn’t make sense. I just roll with the punches but if it don’t make cents the it doesn’t make sense. I feel everyone has a purpose and I know yu just can’t know what that purpose is because its part of the bigger picture. Just giving your self that chance trying things yu don’t know about listening reading watching even tasting I know there’s a lot of things I probably like now that I would of never even of thought twice about a year ago. No one is perfect and yu can’t be everyone’s friend but as far as I go I want to be known as the guy that was just so fucking amazing. I plan to hit up my twin today and talk about this show we suppose to get going tho I know a lot of people just make promises they can’t keep who knows why but I’m going to try and make sure that I enjoy my life the way I want to enjoy it.

im just having fun and i don’t care who sees living young wild and free

Corny I know but seriously trying to live my life my way not being reckless but being myself

– don’t judge by skin let people actions set the tone – SoFkknAmazing



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