Book Creativity

So what do you want from me ?

Andrew lays in the bed thinking of all the possible reasons it may have been there which one could be possible believe even if he were to be stuck in a situation like that there would be nothing to be said or needed to be understood she cheated point blank. Andrews eyes started watering thinking of the the time wasted and all the time he now felt was stolen from him. Slowly he inhaled deeply to thru his nose and slowly out his mouth slowing down his racing mind and his speeding heart he knew what needed to done. There was just one more week left before he and his brother went away to college so instead of leaving with all this weight on his shoulder he decided to man up to the situation and meet it head on. He turned to his head to face the clock it was just about to be two he had plans to go somewhere with his crew but he felt this was needed to be done before anything else could happen. He dragged his limp body out of bed even tho his mind was determined his body still ached from the game he had the other day. So much was on his mind he couldn’t believe it was he in the wrong he did cheat too he did actually kiss her even tho sex and kiss aren’t the same thing but the word cheat categorizes both of them under the same crime. As he grabbed what he was wearing and threw it on his bed his phone vibrated a text came in from her ‘so what do you want from me?’ his mind felt like it was going to explode. Thinking to himself he didn’t need to be worried about to many things at once he just read it and closed it he’ll just worry about what to say later. Just about 25 mins went by he was now dressed and ready to go talk to Renee he threw his phone keys and wallet in his gym shorts turned his music up in his headphones and threw the hoody over his head and started making his way towards her house. Andrew has lived on this block for over 10 years so he knew everyone he was normally the joking type by today he seemed to be on his own mission only saluting his friends or nodding his head not like he could hear anyone anyways his music is almost as loud as the thoughts in his head. Renee wasn’t home so Andrew used his key to get in she didn’t live by herself she did stay with a roommate the same person who was standing behind the door once he opened it. “Why didn’t yu answer the door when I knock Sara what yu good for anyways” Andrew said “don’t act cute because you won the game last night bitch you ain’t amazing” Sara replied as she walked towards the living room Andrew followed behind her. “I just got home I was about to toke up real quick before work where your girlfriend at anyways?” Sara questioned without batting an eye Andrew said “she said she should be home soon that’s why I came over so you wasn’t here all night last night” Sara shook her head no unknowingly sealing the fate of the relationship that was about to end Andrew dismissed himself saying he was going up stairs to get his dirty cloths. Andrew had his own dresser in Renee’s room not like he kept anything other then basketball attire in the anyways. He emptied out the dresser into one of his basketball duffle that he kept at the house grabbed everything and went back down stairs. The whole living room was covered in thick white smoke he went back to were he was sitting when he was talking to Sara. She was coughing as he started sitting down he laughed saying “you ok yu not gonna cough up ya lungs now are yu rookie.” “Rookie ? Oh yu got jokes ball player do yu know what this is ? yu know what since yu got all that lip put ya mouth to it toke up” Sara’s evil grin began to show as the words released from her full lips handing him the tube. Andrew in inhaled deeply and then slowly adding more white clouds into the atmosphere a smile came across his face as he just now realized that even tho Renee and Sara were roommates that they didn’t talk much. “Guess your just good at a lot of things” Sara said as a seductive smile came across her face. Andrew licked his lips as he nodded his head saying “I would tell you about it one day cause if I do it now I might go too deep” Andrew smiled “but right now Renee is taking to long so I’m going to go stay in touch tho Sara yu really cute and cool for a white girl.” Sara was wishing looks could kill as she said “yu said yu were going stopping saying things like that freshmen year yu jerk” Andrew smiled and waved as he opened the front door leaving the house still thinking about the text he got from her still unsure of how to reply and go about the whole situation. He knew Renee was working a double tonight so he felt as if he had to make his point clear he was still planning on having a full blown conversation about the situation but his mind was made up. He put back on his headphones and walk back towards his house as he was heading home the only house he never really knew anything about his whole time living where he was had a moving truck in front of it. He forgot people even lived in that house as he really just thought about it he realized he really doesn’t associate with a lot of people tho he knows a lot. Andrew started digging in his pockets hoping they didn’t fall into the couch at Renee’s house. They were in his pocket a sigh of relief escaped from him as he began opening his door. Andrew was greeting by music that echoed throughout the house he figured everyone was in the back and since no one knew he was back yet he took full advantage of his free time in the house. He went up the stairs straight into his room he threw the duffle towards the closet pulled out his phone. Andrew unlocked his phone it opened to his messages where a blinking cursor laid wait for a reply to the question ‘so what do yu want from me?’


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