Day 4 Shrinking my circle

what makes someone your friend?

this was a question people been struggling with and probably still struggle with until the end of time. just because they remember your birthday just because they remember your favorite color just because they know your middle name sometimes even those who been there from the beginning can’t even be called friends. I told my homeboy one day while we were driving that my life is the most important between the both of us. some people would say that was mean but I still know I’m going in a grave by myself so I gotta make sure I don’t send myself there early. back to the whole what is a friend situation we are currently on maybe some will disagree but who cares it’s my blog :p a friend is some who respects your mind and values your opinion because everyone is different there not always going to listen to you because we have to learn from our own mistakes. I feel a friend would never talk negative behind your back and would stand up for yu even if yu were laying in bed. a friend wouldn’t lie to yu about something trivial they would lie to keep yu from being hurt from stressing from tears running down your face. the biggest part of being a friend yu have to have respect loyalty comes in on your part if your going to call someone why not be loyal and if then yu find out that there was dishonor to the friendship yu talk about it then its on you if yu wanna pursue this or leave. all I wanted to do was really speak my mind on what a friendship should embody because I don’t feel someone should not call me a friend if they have no respect for me as a person then yu won’t have respect for our friendship. at the end of the day only a few are loyal and fewer are going to keep it real without belittling yu or what ur trying to accomplish and even fewer deserve the title of your friend. I keep a small circle and its gonna shrink even more because like I said my life is way more important then anyone elses so the ones I keep close to me are going to coming up with me. no it isn’t 50/50 we didn’t do it together but yu won’t be down and out especially if I got it even if its my last because I value my friendships. the infamous day 4 is finished I feel I needed to write this before someone can be like they my friend before knowing what a friend means to me

– forgive me for my past but don’t forget me in ya future – SoFkknAmazing



What are your thoughts ?

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