Day 14 Priorities

A lot of thoughts cypher through my head and it is hard to focus sometimes but my teacher did tell never multi task just do all tasks one at a time and make sure you get everything you need done in an appropriate manner. I figured out what pains me is the relationship I had with my family well the lack there of not gonna bore with all the stress but just wanted to at least admit that to my self I was worried about writing because I somehow always thought one day I won’t have anymore words to express myself. Luckily I pushed passed that thought and just focused on the task at hand. Soon I’m going to be collaborating with my boy third helping him finish his poetry book as well as getting his help finishing up my book. Just going to make sure I do everything in a timely fashion so hope fully before April finishes I should at least have a finish rough draft so if anybody knows any editors I can at least get it out there. I like the idea in my head so when I paint a vivid image in your head by the words I print down you’ll enjoy it too. Tomorrow I get Internet so hopefully I can try to get one more person who flows with words to maybe help so I can push it out faster. I know of someone who writes that always seems to captivate my imagination with her writing but we did recently have a falling out. You can say it was because of me but personally I can’t stand someone who doesn’t listen to what someone has to say before listening. Assumptions makes an ass out of yu and makes me laugh maybe one day ill slow down my harsh ways of dealing with people but Rome wasn’t built in one day so it does mean I do have sometime before worrying about that. So if anyone does want to help just comment and ill reply with an email and discuss what you’ll need to do. Hopefully our strong points will bring out a great finished product anyways my day was okay I’m slowly but surely becoming more social again. I do rather enjoy being at home the out and about because I feel like instead of spend all that time enjoying my self for the moment and enduring reality when that moments over. Let me get everything prioritized and in order so once I’m out and about ill be the one humming no worries with a smile in my heart.

– Life sucks less when you achieve success – SoFkknAmazing



One thought on “Day 14 Priorities”

  1. Dats true life does when u achieve success. U have to stay on your game n I would b very much grateful to read any book of yours but plz stay on your toes…cuz u may think no one listen but Krissy pays attention

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