Day 15 :)

As a kid I loved losing myself in a book I indulged in the greatness of my imagination I was in awe how me and the author could paint such a vivid picture in my mind. I loved the fact I could be here for a second and gone the next I loved the fact that I felt as if I was able to just look over the main characters shoulder and see the evil they faced. I loved how I could walk down the street after reading a book and start my own adventure. That is why I write I want to help some escape their own body and fly to the place I wrote on the pages that are right before your eyes. When I describe feeling the cool night air grazing your skin sending a slight chill to thru your body I want you to know I’m just sitting outside enjoy natures air (tho its not really nature I still value outdoors). I write to voice the opinion of those who can’t be heard to show that though pen and paper are legacy equipment words are endless and will always be able to be as refreshing as diving into a pool on a hot summer day. Ill always appreciate a good writer now it doesn’t take much to make anyone a good writer you just have to open your mind and write your soul. So if you remember any of the words I wrote you have a piece of me with you which doesn’t mean I have to be special to you but at least I caught your attention and engraved something in your mind. With the first book I write I want to see if I could put my soul down I want this book to not have my blood sweat and tears but I need people to feel that when you let it all out you see that someone will be more then willing to do it back. Isn’t that only way to really know who someone is ? Well they do say that eyes are the gateways to the soul so welcome to my minds eye where you can see my soul.

– Seems as if we have more years gone then left so try to make everything right – SoFkknAmazing



One thought on “Day 15 :)”

  1. I love that when I read somthing u wrote makes mi think n wonder of u and how you are able to capture the moment for others to see.

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