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who am i and why am here

Why am I here ? Kinda took me by surprise actually if I thought of where I was at this moment and time I would actually be upset. This is not where I want to be right now but then the big question hits why am I not there ? I’ve actually been holding me back looking back but trying to walk straight. Millions of thoughts of possible possibilities I could be there if I just if I didn’t or the haymaker it wouldn’t of worked anyways. I’m here to battle the little voice in my head that keeps making me look back while moving forward. Such hurtful thoughts creep up once I think of anything positive that I’ve done but I’m getting better at taming that monster. I have been on and off practicing meditation and controlling my breath. I do believe the mind would be a terrible thing to waste so I just found something that peaks my interests and can help me expand while exploring heights I thought were possible. I actually never thought about making a personal journal. That maybe something I’ll do while I actually do this also. I want to create a dynasty that’s my goal that’s what I want to say will be my end game. I know there is so much that I must learn and discover. I know this because at the present moment I know nothing as far as what my first step should be. I’m just making this blog a declaration of battle I will win this war now show me my opponent. I suppose I should do is look up varies subjects like ancient dynasties and what made them tick. I also what to learn about marketing management technology. I have alot of projects I take on so ill be writing about those experiences also. I have to say I’m a newbie when it comes to all this so I’m taking baby steps and once I get the hang of things in off like a rocket. I have been afraid of failure for too long I’m just going to face my fears and open the Pandoras box of my mind. Im currently trying to recycle my families plastic bottles and recycle them the right way or is there a way of getting compensation for thinking green. Ha see I made a funny. Funny thing is English wasn’t on of my best subjects in school I actually dreaded it and to think I’m actually going to keep a blog. Well I also never introduced myself my apologies for being so disrespectful I’m sofkknamazing but everyone calls me AJ. When people ask me why is that your I tend to reply to them wait and see. The name actually came from a childhood friend I wont forget his name was brad. One day we was talking and he said to me you know fucking amazing right. Till this day in my memories I can’t recall if he was being sarcastic or not but to be honest it doesn’t matter. I recall feeling like a brand new penny and because I carry such great memories from people I cherish I must make sure that I push so I can catch up to where i want to be. I hope i touch base with all my creative friends that I’ve made and do something great. By writing until next year I have hopes that I obtain more knowledge than I started and I see the growth of myself. Hopefully I also make some new friends I’d like the company on this journey going on